Introduction : Mihirkanti Choudhury

Mihirkanti Choudhury is a veteran teacher of English language. He started his teaching career in 1980 and served different institutions including Shahbazpur High School, Shahbazpur, Barlekha Moulvibazar (Full Time, 1980 to 1983); Blue Bird High School, Sylhet city (Part Time, 1986 to 1997), Blue Bird School and College, Sylhet city (Higher Secondary, Part Time, 2006 to 2009); Sylhet International University, Sylhet (2007-08); Scholarshome Girls’ College, Pathantula, Sylhet (Full Time 2011) and Metropolitan University [Full Time Admin- Deputy Registrar and Part Time Faculty, Departments of Business Administration, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), 2015 till date]. Besides, he established an English language learning institution named, Academy of Two R’s in Sylhet city on 1st January, 1984 and the institution earned much reputation as regards its academic and socio-cultural contributions. The institution arranged many events as a socio-cultural obligation to address new generations of students, the most important being the Felicitation Ceremony of ten legendary personalities of Sylhet region in 2003. Many of his students are well established at home and abroad. Mihir Academy is a continuity of the institution. It aims at providing language teaching to students of different academic stages.

Mihirkanti Choudhury is a bilingual writer. He writes both in English and in Bengali. He has already authored sixteen books of which eleven are on Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Laureate. The books are published from reputed publishers of both home and abroad. He is also a bilingual translator. Some of his translated works have also been published. He has written and translated more than two hundred articles in both English and Bengali which have been published in different volumes, regular and memorial volumes and reputed journals, magazines and literary pages of frontline dailies and weeklies. He is a reviewer and editor. He has reviewed several books and edited many in different areas.

Mihirkanti Choudhury has a large collection of more than twelve thousand creative books and journals of different disciplines and titles with books and journals of Tagorean study dominating the collection with more than three thousand titles. There are documentaries as well. With all these resources, he developed a research centre named Tagore Centre, Sylhet in 2012. He is the Executive Head of this Research Centre. 

Mihirkanti Choudhury  was the Interlocutor (Speaking Examiner) at City and Guilds, UK for their ESOL Programme in Sylhet.

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